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Becoming a reality - AliceKit and the Swift Machine

Written by: Marquis Kurt, 1 Aug 17

It’s been a few weeks since I originally published my article on Medium that proposed the future of Artemis, and I’m proud to say that we are indeed starting to make headway with it. Since publishing that article, our team has begun extensive research and experimentation with the capabilities of Swift, Wayland, and Qt.

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Wayland, Qt, and Swift vs. D

Written by: Wesley Hershberger, 15 Jul 17

Hello Artemis Community! I’m Wesley (some of you have probably met me in Telegram), and Marquis asked me to write this post about the stuff I’ve been posting and looking into recently. Basically I’ve been doing a lot of looking and reading as to how to actually accomplish what we are trying to do here with Artemis.

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Huzzah! Hello, ...!

Written by: Marquis Kurt, 25 May 17

After a successful five days of voting, I am pleased to introduce the new name for the Enjade Project. It was a close battle between several names, but the decision has been made… by you, the community!

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