Meet Artemis, the new Unity

The Artemis Project aims to bring the best desktop environment to continue the venerable Unity 7 desktop in the modern Linux space. With an open, friendly community and a willingness to make the Linux desktop more friendly, the Unity legacy will live on while bringing new innovations to the table, providing a stable and powerful desktop for future developers and tinkerers.

Built on Wayland

Artemis is ready for the future, meaning that modern technologies like Wayland are quickly adopted. Wayland beings the best experience without causing any fragmentation in display technologies.

Powered by Qt

A powerful framework on hand, Qt provides the necessary tools and graphical components to make Artemis a powerful and comfortable experience without hiding any menus or other commands. Take that, GTK.

Swiftly modern

Artemis and all of its core apps are powered by Swift, an open-source programming language for the future. It's never been easier to work with your apps and desktop on such a fundamental level.

A vibrant, modern, and fun community

Developers and Linux users alike are working on making Artemis the best desktop environment yet.