This shall not die

Written by Marquis Kurt on December 30, 2017

When I first started this project in April of 2017, I had no idea what to expect. I initially planned something smaller, assuming that I would have been the only one working on said project. I didn’t even expect this community, to which I am sending this via Telegram, to emerge from it! As the months went by, ambitions for this project grew, now with some astronimical goals that I will be later addressing.

Unfortunately, I didn’t account for just how busy I’d be this particular school year (2017-2018). On top of the regular schoolwork, I didn’t realize other things like fully leading the developers’ club (a bit arduous, now that there’s more involvement), looking and applying to colleges, looking into Python for robitics, working at Wendy’s in my area, and starting up a video game project with a few friends would eat up a lot of my time to a point of exhaustion. Sadly, I hadn’t been really keeping up with this project, mainly because of the aforementioned reasoning and the delay in working with Qlift.

I don’t want this project to fall on its knees and crumble like I have seen with other projects like RemixOS and the SiMPLE programming language (that one died because the creator did). I still believe in achieving a modern desktop environment that contains the essence and the spirit built from the Unity environment, creating a diverse platform that works in all types of settings, including education, and supporting a community built around those ideals. Simply put, I still believe in this project’s potential.

Although I may not be as ‘hardcore’ into the project as I’d like, I’ll do what I can to keep this going, even if it’s reviewing pull requests on GitHub. With all of this in mind, there are a couple of things I need to address that I think should be looked into before moving on:

  • Swift: Swift is a nice language, and I really did like the idea of providing interoperability between a Swift Playground on the iPad and the Artemis environment. But, this is proving to be a bit difficult for a few reasons. Firstly, although Swift is getting a foothold, there’s still a few things it really lacks, such as a Windows port (ugh), a port of libraries that work on macOS and iOS, etc. Secondly, from a college fair I went to last year, I realized a lot more colleges are pushing for Python rather than Swift, which almost defeats the purpose of a Swift-based environment. Finally, Swift, in terms of GTK and Qt integration, is still fledgling at its best. I’m considering either building things from scratch here or moving to a different language entirely that would be better suited for the project. I have thought of the following thus far: [“The Web Trio” (HTML/CSS/JS), Python (hey, at least there’s Pythonista for iOS), C#, (idea of making our own language entirely)].

  • AliceKit: Initially, I imagined creating a UI kit and extension module for Swift and Qlift that provides a nice-looking UI while easily hooking into Artemis’s components, which I dubbed “AliceKit”. Unfortunately, this may not work out; AliceKit’s purpose has been a bit misconstrued, even by myself, and is causing a bit of confusion. Furthermore, it’s not really appropriate now to name that kit AliceKit because of the recent updates to the game it references. I don’t know about you, but naming a pretty and versatile UI kit after a sadistic, self-centered angel/demon/creature/thing doesn’t seem flattering. I’m thinking of cutting AliceKit out entirely.

I still hope this project comes to light and that we have something solid in 2018!


Marquis Kurt