New site, changed views, and a brighter future

Written by Marquis Kurt on May 07, 2017

When I first started this project back in April, I had no clue as to how the entire project would play out. I thought that I would be by myself on it, having to create and maintain an entire environment with little to no help. After all, I do see comments regularly that show that users’ disliking of the Unity desktop project. To my surprise, I was wrong; currently, there are ~30 members in the Telegram group for the Enjade Project, some base ideas for how the entire project will roll out, and an article on OMG! Ubuntu featuring the project.

Enjade is growing

The Enjade Project has been accelerating at such a great speed. We’ve created a decent roadmap for what features we plan to implement in the desktop environment. We’ve already begun discussing new Plasmoids to introduce to the Plasma environment to bring about the new Unity, such as the Enjade Launcher. Now, we have a decent-looking website with Ubuntu’s freely-avaialable CSS, adding a cohesive Unity feel rather than a simple one-page solution.

I’m excited to see the future of Enjade unfold; it seems as if I have made a good investment in resurrecting the Unity desktop in such a way that will combine the core of the environment while including progression of modern Linux technologies like Wayland. I am also anticipating how Enjade will become more than just a Unity replica; I’m overseeing the future of the Unity desktop through Enjade.

Introducing Enjade Core and Enjade Pure

Today, I’m pleased to announce that ther will be two versions of the Enjade desktop for Linux users. The first is the Enjade desktop you are already familiar with with a Plasma-based environment: Enjade Core. Enjade Core will be the first to get new features and innovations in the acclaimed environment. In addition to this, we will ship a version of Ubuntu LTS with this desktop pre-installed, making it easy for transition. This distribution is not the same distribution as VivaOS.

The other version of Enjade is one that should have already existed (but didn’t). For many, users don’t really notice or expect the latest and greatest innovations; in fact, there are users who still prefer X11 and Compiz over Wayland, and that’s understandable. So, today, I’m pleased to introduce a new version of the Enjade Project that continues the direct work of the Unity desktop: Enjade Pure.

Why Enjade Pure?

Enjade Pure is a direct fork of the Unity 7 desktop environment, unlike Enjade Core, considered a “pseudo-fork”. Enjade Pure retains the core essence and overall functionality of the Unity 7 desktop, but will get the features from Enjade Core. We’re also planning to ship a distribution of Ubuntu (regular release) with Enjade Pure. Enjade Pure will receive features after they’ve been implemented in Enjade Core.

Retaining the original Unity desktop while pumping in new features can make it easy for a user to transition to another desktop, especially if that user doesn’t care about using the latest and greatest software. As Enjade Core is a fledgling desktop environment, Enjade Pure offers a reliable and well-built environment, based off of the original Unity. In addition to this, Compiz Reloaded continues the work of Compiz, so it may be possible that Enjade Pure can continue to exist in modern ways. It could also be possible that Enjade Pure will work off of Mutter, continuing the beloved desktop.

Consider this a birthday gift, @Jaeden Gurrero.

A clearer feature roadmap

Because of this, a new feature roadmap will be implemented that covers the general timeframe of Enjade’s releases and implementations. The new roadmap will be hosted on this site and can be found by clicking “Features” in the navigation bar of the main site.

Thank you for being a part of this community, and I can’t wait to see what’s next with Enjade.