We need your help with renaming Enjade

Written by Marquis Kurt on May 21, 2017

When I first started the Enjade project, I wanted to give a name that best represented the clean, friendly nature of the Unity desktop while presenting something completely new. Sadly, things have changed and not everything is what it seems.

What happened?

I won’t go into details as to what exactly prompted this decision to rename the project, but I have come to the realization that the person we named the project after doesn’t best reflect the values and mission of the desktop project. I was quite shocked when I realized this as nothing negative happened for the past two months; however, things gave way and I had to go for the renaming. As much as I love the cool name of “Enjade”, it’ll keep haunting everyone of the failure of finding Amour Sans for A.Safari. I had the impression that, in properly naming the project to Enjade, I would clearly express the openness and the friendliness of the Unity desktop that Canonical had worked on since Ubuntu 11.04 and that the person Enjade was named after would feel proud (adn flattered, I supposed), to have an entire project that resounds with such a friendly personality and may be moved to join the project. I was wrong on both counts.

What will happen now?

The continuation of the Unity desktop will still happen, and there will still be Core and Pure. This won’t change as the desktop environment is what started the project in the first place; I don’t want to shut down a growing, loving community working on a beautiful, open, and friendly desktop. However, we’ll need you help to not make the same mistake. We have a survey to discuss possible names; please, take the time to fill out this survey. This will help rebrand the project to something that is more reflective of the project.

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Thank you for taking the time to read this and help make the project even better. To give you some hope, I am excited to tell you that we are in the process of renaming the Pure code right now and are on track to making a build in the forseeable future.