Huzzah! Hello, ...!

Written by Marquis Kurt on May 25, 2017

After a successful five days of voting, I am pleased to introduce the new name for the Enjade Project. It was a close battle between several names, but the decision has been made… by you, the community!


Interesting results: Runners-up

During the five days, we received a total of 75 responses from all over the world.It was amazing looking at each and every individual vote, seeing the overall distribution of the possible names for the project. To remind you, we had the following choices: Artemis, Chrysalis, Desiree, Cambria, Ka’iulani, ‘Other’, and a combo of the aforementioned names.

A lot of people had some interesting names in the ‘Other’ section, including (but not limited to):

  • My ass (my personal favorite 😂 )
  • New Unity Desktop Environment (NUDE)
  • Junity
  • commUnity

With that in mind, the fight between Desiree and Chrysalis ensued, crushing Cambria and Ka’iulani. I can assure you that some of our services and tools for the desktop project will have these names because of their little skirmish.

Drumroll, please!

The moment you’ve been waiting for is here!  


The new name for the Enjade Project is… Artemis!


I heavily thanks the community for their input on the new name for this beloved project, and I can’t wait to see what the next survey will hold! There’s a few things I want to make sure you all know before we get underway with this:

  • The next survey will be about theming and Artemis’s official logo, used for the Dash icon. Please, go to the ‘Get Involved’ page, join the Telegram group, and submit your logos there!
  • For now, the GitHub Pages, repo, and Telegram URLs will continue to be labeled as “Enjade Project”. This will get fixed eventually when we get a new URL and find a way to block ‘Enjade’ as the name of the entire project out of our heads.
  • With that in mind, the ‘Enjade’ name will stay, probably for an API or something like that.

Thanks, folks, for your suggestions! We’re making progress with Artemis, and we’re excited to release something soon.